If you’re planning to sell your home in the spring, I’ve got some tips to help you get your home ready to sell. Although it’s only January, the Metro Vancouver real estate market starts in mid-February, which is earlier than the rest of Canada. So, let’s get started early and make sure you’re fully prepared for the spring market. Here are three things you can start doing right away:

  1. Depersonalize: Let’s start by packing up your personal items, such as photos and personal belongings. This process takes longer than you may think, so start now by getting some boxes and a storage locker. A good rule of thumb is to pack away about 75% of the items on bookshelves, coffee tables, and countertops before staging your home.
  2. Deep Clean: We want your home to sparkle before the open house, so it’s essential to power wash the deck, wash the windows, and clean the oven and fridge. Homebuyers will always ask for professional cleaning, so doing it now will save you time leading up to the open house.
  3. Small Fixes: A big list of small fixes does add up. Replacing lightbulbs, patching nail holes, and fixing wiggly door handles may seem small, but they take time. Doing them now ticks one more thing off your to-do list that you don’t have to worry about when you’re ready to hit the market.

Last but certainly not least, I’m here to help! Let’s work together to make the most of the spring market!

We have a helpful checklist to guide you through prepping your home for sale.

Download your copy of the Prep-to-sell checklist and start getting your home ready to impress potential buyers!