How exciting is looking to buy the place you’ll call home? This might be the most significant financial(and emotional!) investment you’ll make in your lifetime. Partnering with an educated agent means your best interests are well protected. With over two decades of experience, I’m here to guide you through the legalities of buying a home and navigate everything from viewing candidate properties to drafting your binding purchase documents and passing you the keys on your moving day. I help families find homes and can’t wait to help you find yours.


Here are the steps we’ll take together when you’re buying your home

  • Consultation to discuss your dream home and timeline.
  • Mortgage preapproval
  • Personalized home search website & Automated listing alerts
  • screening and viewing properties
  • submitting offers
  • managing negotiations
  • drafting legal paperwork
  • research and due diligence
  • scheduling inspections
  • handing you the keys on your moving day
  • Consistent, honest communication. ALWAYS


I’m here to answer your questions. We’ll start with a consultation to discuss your dream home and timeline and set up your personalized search website. We’ll save time by keeping everything organized; you’ll have early access to all the newest listings the moment they hit the market.


Looking online for a home is part of the excitement of finding the perfect place, but it’s essential to keep an open mind; the feel and flow of a space can be different in real life, no matter how amazing it looks in the photos. We’ll book a private showing time for any properties that fit your needs. If there are multiple candidate properties, we’ll set up a tour of several homes at once. Remember to tell the host we are working together whenever you’re dropping into an open house or presentation centre on your own. The other agent will appreciate the courtesy and won’t be worried about breaking our industry transparency rules when showing you around.


Most people know right away when they find the right home. That’s when it’s time to make an offer. When I represent you, I’ll draft your legally binding purchase documents and negotiate on your behalf. Your bid will cover all crucial points, including items, appliances, moving dates and the purchase price. If you have a due diligence period after your offer is accepted, this is called a condition or subject offer; in this case, you wouldn’t have to make a final decision until the subject due date, usually a one or two-week leeway.


Digging into the inner workings of a building can feel overwhelming, and I’m here to make this as stress-free and seamless as possible for you. I’ve rebuilt my 1912 Craftsman home from the hand-poured rock foundation to the tip of the original timber roof; restoring a historic home has always been a dream of time; beyond my vocation, I have a vast understanding of building and construction as a personal endeavour.


This is the moment you’ve been waiting for and working towards! The day I’ll meet you to give you the keys to your new home. In your offer, we’ve negotiated a payment date(completion) and a moving date (possession). It’s a tradition that the payment and moving days are staggered; typically, our legal system requires payment before receiving the keys; most of the time, that’s settled a couple of days before the key exchange. Finally, all the paperwork is squared away, and you’ve done it. Welcome home!


The first step is a consultation. Get in touch, and Let’s get started!